Friday, October 29, 2010

Blog 10: Madonnarama!

This week I decided to connect my blog to Elijah Sarkesian’s blog Madonnarama, even though it looks like he is no longer in the class as the last blog update was in September. Madonna has had such an influence on pop culture, not only for her music, but for her ever changing look. Now, I  am not going to say Madonna is the best singer but I love her music and do have a slight obsession with her. Hence my little collage of Madonna looks.
Madonna has influenced many people’s style. Whether it is a celebrity, a Halloween costume, or someone stuck in the 80s, she has had enough looks for someone to take notes from.

When Madonna first came in the spotlight in 1983 she had bleach blond hair with black roots. She looked somewhat like tomboy and definitely had attitude. As she got older she changed her style more times than I can count. She was virgin Madonna, Catholic Madonna, sexy Madonna, disco Madonna, and Hindu Madonna.

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